Annual Picnic at VKK is a time for fun for members of all ages. This event is held during July/August months every year at one of the beautiful forest preserve locations in Western Suburbs. For the past few years, picnic has been held in either Blackwell Forest Preserve in Wheaton or Busse Woods in Schaumburg / Elk Grove Village area. VKK members get to play many games including cricket, badminton, & volleyball. Kids sports events are held and winners are given prizes. There will lots of food to eat and drink. Normally food has included Poori, Aloogadde Palya, Mosaranna, Uppinakayi, Nimbe Hannina chitranna etc. Corn, sweets, bajjis have also been made available at some picnics. Mysore Coffee, Cool (tampu, tampu! cool, cool!!) majjige are some of the other Mysore specialities that one can find at VKK picnics.

Come and have fun at VKK picnic.

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